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Centre Assas - Le Patio
(92 rue d'Assas 75006 PARIS)
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Ajouter au Calendrier 01/27/2020 09:00 01/28/2020 17:00 Europe/Paris New Just War or just new wars? Assessing the strategic, legal and ethical consequences of the changing character of war Graduate Conference of the European War Studies Network Centre Assas - Le Patio
(92 rue d'Assas 75006 PARIS)
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Graduate Conference of the European War Studies Network

Organisée cette année par le Centre Thucydide


January 27, 2020.

9h: Welcoming participants. (Le Patio)
9h15: Introductory remarks and presentation of the European War Studies Network.

9h30- 10h30: KEYNOTE SPEAKER. Thierry Balzacq -Sciences Po (to be confirmed)

10h30-12h: Panel 1: How to create novelty? The challenges of military innovation
Chair and discussant: Dr. Océane ZUBELDIA, IRSEM


  • Lucie PEBAY, University of Bath, Contemporary French Military Transformation: Towards Innovation?
  • Rupert CULYER, University of Sussex, The Death of Orientalism? Cybernetic thought and homogenizing the battlefield
  • Laura HOLLÆNDER SCHOUSBOE, University of Southern Denmark, How innovations cease to be new: Routinizing technological innovations within military organizations.
  • Thomas HUGUES, Queen’s University (Canada), New Day, New rules: the logic of regime-based confidence building in the cyber arena.

12h-14h: AEGES Working Lunch: Publication workshop. What does it mean to be a PhD student working on war in Europe today? For participants only.

14h-15h30: Panel 2: New actors?
Chair and discussant: Pr. Daniel BRUNSTETTER, UC Irvine.


  • Hannah WEST, University of Bath, Pregnant, Unarmed, in command: Women as weapon systems in front line combat
  • Raphael DANINO-PERRAUD, Laboratoire d’économie d’Orléans & IRSEM, Critical Raw materials in the value chain of the European Defense Industry.
  • Eva PORTEL, Sciences Po Bordeaux, Cultural Destructions by the Islamic State group: a strategic issue.
  • Martino TOGNOCCHI, University of Milan, The making of war at a distance: how modern technologies in the Crimean war recast the “present of war”;  

16h-17h30: Panel 3: L’extension du domaine de la guerre. New domains, new disciplines?
Chair and discussant: Dr. Amelie THEUSSEN, University of Southern Denmark


  • Megan KARLSHOEJ-PEDERSEN, Oxford Research Group, Strategy on a light footprint? Unpicking contemporary remote warfare in Africa.
  • Matthijs OOMS, Royal Netherlands Navy, Maritime Trade Protection: is the West prepared?
  • Emma CAMPBELL-MOHN, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Blood and Treasure: The Ethics of Using Economic Coercion instead of Military Conflict.
  • Marie ROBIN, Université Paris 2 Panthéon-Assas/ University of Southern Denmark, Fighting with words. A strategic analysis of jihadists’ revenge.

19h: Dinner in town – for participants only.

January 28, 2020.

9h30-11h: Panel 4. Thinking anew. New paradigms in war studies?
Chair and discussant: Dr. Vincent C. KEATING, University of Southern Denmark.


  • Chiara LIBISELLER, King’s College London, Fashionable Concepts in the field of Strategic Studies.
  • Jakob HAUTER, University College London, Forensic War Studies: A research Agenda to Counter the Challenge of Disinformation.
  • Johanna MOEHRING, Université Paris 2 Panthéon-Assas, Fighting that doesn’t go “bang”: military power and political warfare.
  • Marshall PALMER, NPSIA, Carleton University, Political warfare in the 21st century: Evaluating Russia’s intervention in the 2016 Election.

11h30-13h: Panel 5: Is there such a thing as a new war?
Chair and discussant: Pr. Jean-Vincent HOLEINDRE, Université Paris 2


  • Silvie JANICATOVA, Masaryk University, Air Power in Contemporary Conflicts: A weapon of first choice?
  • Sorina TOLTICA, University of Portsmouth, Old Actors, New practice? An Analysis of UK&US Remote Warfare Strategy in Nigeria
  • Guna ZACESTE, University of Latvia, Decision making of Nordic and Baltic States between military conscription and All-Volunteer force after the Cold War.
  • Ruben STEWART, International Red Cross, Civilian Harm and the Shape of the Future of War.
  • Benjamin HARRIS, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, The Future of Great Power Military Intervention.

LUNCH – For participants only.

14h30-16h: Panel 6: The consequences of new technologies on warfare.
Chair and discussant : Pr. Olivier SCHMITT, University of Southern Denmark.


  • Laure DE ROCHEGONDE, CERI Sciences Po, LAWS in War and Laws of war: Are Killer Robots Compatible with International Humanitarian Law?
  • Anneleen VAN DEN MEER, University of Saint-Andrews, Blueprints: Using the chemical weapons debate to imagine an RAS-free future.
  • Joanne KIRKHAM, Université Paris 2 Panthéon-Assas, Autonomous Weapons: Between the quest for power and humanitarian concerns, a study of legal discourses
  • Vicky KARYOTI, University of Southern Denmark, 21st Century Soldiers: Military Professionalism in the Era of Artificial Intelligence.
  • Ibrahim TEKES, Marmara University, What happens in terms of law of war if the robots come into the battlefield?

Concluding Remarks: Pr. Olivier SCHMITT, University of Southern Denmark.

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