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Accueil - Law and economics (4500)

Law and economics (4500)

Code interne : 4500
Responsable(s) :
Programme de cours :

(mars 2022)

 Brief overview

In this course, we will apply the concepts and techniques of microeconomics to discuss the consequences of the law. We will analyse how legal rules affect the behavior (incentives) of individuals and groups. We will use welfare economics to evaluate legal rules, especially their efficiency effects. Finally, we will touch upon the behavioural law and economics. Starting with a broad overview of the problem of irrationality in economic behavior in order to introduce its application and consequences to legal issues.






1. Introduction

2.Tools of economic analysis

3. Impact on the law on economics

4. Criminal law, public law enforcement and punishment

5. Foundation of behavioral law and economics

6. Behavior of agents and different laws

Téléchargez le programme de cours : Icône PDFlaweconomicsm12022_lecoq.pdf