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Accueil - Introduction to substainable finance (4438)

Introduction to substainable finance (4438)

Code interne : 4438
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(avril 2022)

Syllabus Finance Durable (Magistère-Paris 2 Assas) – 2021/2022

Part 1 : Introduction to Sustainable Finance (12 hours, Chloé Le Coq) (in English)


From social preferences to sustainable enterprise (Session 1, 3 hours)

Individual decisions in a social context

The responsibility of a business


The “social” investors (Session 2, 3 hours)

The social discounting rate

Modelling the social investor’s utility function

Sustainable investing strategies


Sustainable finance Instruments  (Session 3, 3 hours)

Traditional sustainable financial instruments

Financial innovations

Sustainable financial instruments on firms’ performance