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Accueil - Advanced Microeconomics(4437)

Advanced Microeconomics(4437)

Code interne : 4437
Responsable(s) :
Programme de cours :

(mars 2022)

Advanced Microeconomics teaches the fundamentals of microeconomics. The course covers selectively the first six chapters of the textbook of Mas-Colell et al. The program is as follows:


1. Preference and choice

2. Consumer choice

3. Classical demand theory

4. Production theory

5. Aggregate demand and production

6. Expected utility under risk


The course serves different purposes: First, it reviews and further refines the basic tools and results that students have learnt in their previous studies. It also seeks to provide students with a common language and background. Finally, it puts emphasis on formal and quantitative aspects of microeconomic theory and thus contributes to the development of the students' analytical skills. Students are evaluated on the basis of a written exam. 




Microeconomic Theory. Andreu Mas-Colell, Michael D. Whinston and Jerry R. Green. 1995. Oxford University Press.