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Éditions Panthéon-Assas

Éditions Panthéon-Assas
Forum du livre juridique 2021
Éditions Panthéon-Assas contribute to the promotion of the university’s research activities

Affiliated to the university's communications directorate, Éditions Panthéon-Assas (EPA) is a pillar of research at the Paris-Panthéon-Assas University, highlighting the work of lecturers, researchers, and PhD holders through its many collections.

Since its creation in 1998 by president Bernard TEYSSIÉ, the Éditions Panthéon-Assas publishes works on current affairs, and symbolises the dynamism of research.

Backed by an editorial committee consisting of six professors and the industrious Vice-President in charge of Publications, Professor Fabrice D'ALMEIDA, the EPA regularly welcomes new publishing projects.

Conference proceedings, essays and doctoral theses produced by the university are published across the spectrum of its core disciplines, i.e. Law, Political Science, Management, Economics and Information and Communication Sciences. Editions Panthéon-Assas has a mission of republishing the works of classic authors and giving students and researchers the opportunity to rediscover reference works that have gone out of print with time. The EPA also publishes two essential yearbooks, the Annuaire de droit de l’Union européenne (ADUE – The Yearbook of European Union Law) and the Annuaire français de relations internationales (AFRI – The French Yearbook of International Relations). In addition, its multilingual publications reach a wide community of researchers outside the world of Francophone universities, thus fully illustrating the dynamism and development of French law throughout the world.

Since the last 25 years, Éditions Panthéon-Assas has been actively involved in promoting the university’s research activities and has continued to enrich its catalogue of highly diverse, specialised publications.

Our printed works are available from bookshops and on the LGDJ website. Some are now also accessible on Cairn.