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Accueil - Courses


Paris-Panthéon-Assas University offers a wide choice of courses from bachelor's to doctoral degrees

French and foreign students either beginning their studies or in training, adults resuming their education, or professionals advancing in their fields thanks to our continuing education program, benefit from a large course selection aligned with the LMD system and responsive to the demands of an ever-changing labour market.

Aligned with the European LMD framework, studies are organized into 3 levels:

  • Bachelor's degree (Licence), 3 years of higher education, 6 semesters, 180 ECTS credits
  • Master's degree (Master) , 5 years of higher education, 4 semesters, 300 ECTS credits
  • Doctorate (Doctorat), 8 years of higher education, 6 semesters, 480 ECTS credits