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Accueil - About - University - Equality, diversity and inclusion - #RéagirAssas against violence and breach of dignity

#RéagirAssas against violence and breach of dignity

Assas University
#RéagirAssas against violence and breach of dignity
#RéagirAssas, dispositif de l'université Paris 2, RéagirAssas, contre les violences et les atteintes à la dignité
The rights commission supporting the university community

The #RéagirAssas movement was created to protect all members of the university community from harassment, discrimination, and sexism

Paris-Panthéon-Assas University gives absolute priority to fighting all forms of violence and attacks on the dignity of individuals; it reaffirms its commitment against sexism, harassment, and discrimination.

A dedicated external platform has been created to gather all alerts, while guaranteeing follow-up, confidentiality of complainants and protection of their personal data:

If you are a victim or witness of harassment, discrimination, sexism or violence, please contact us immediately at the following address