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Accueil - International


Action internationale de l'université Paris 2

Devoted not only to maintaining but to expanding its international standing, scope, and prestige, Paris-Panthéon-Assas University gives precedence to :

  • increasing student mobility
  • multiplying international partnerships, bilateral conventions, and Erasmus agreements
  • encouraging delocalized teaching and promoting innovative degree programs
  • participating in training sessions abroad within the Consortia framework
  • diffusing and advancing the art of French jurisprudence beyond its borders

Cultural and pedagogical diversity

The university welcomes, through the efforts of the International Action service, nearly 2500 foreign students (14% of the total enrolment), as well as inviting over 200 guest lecturers every year.  This vital opening to the world is assured not only by a continuous exposure to other cultures, philosophies, and diversified approaches to learning but it is perpetually renewed, expanded, enriched by more than 200 cooperative conventions, among which 83 are Erasmus accords (in conjunction with theEuropean commissioned program of Lifelong Learning).

A two-week program has been created, preceding the start of each new school year, to receive incoming foreign students and to familiarize them with their new university. Opportunities to meet with tutors, welcoming breakfast with the president, integrative sporting events...
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Multiple opportunities

The Exchange Program Office coordinates 8 double diplomas, 1 tripartite program, and 2 integrated curriculums, each with opportunities to study abroad, from 6 months to 1 year, in one of 105 participating establishments in 45 countries world-wide.

The promise of multicultural diversity and openness is also upheld by the Office of Foreign Diplomas, ready to assist foreign degree-holders (notably those aiming for DSU (2), LL.M. (3), or M2 (1) certification) in combining and integrating Panthéon-Assas courses,  pursued either individually or within the framework of exchange programs, double diplomas, or integrated training sessions.